From Jijona
to the entire world

It arouses so many emotions in us, it is so healthy, delicious and beloved that, rightfully, we must acknowledge the universal value of turrón.

Therefore, every 7 November we will shout out loud:

Happy World Turrón Day!

However, is turrón so special that we should devote an entire day to it around the world? Undoubtedly you are now asking yourself this question.

The answer is: YES, of course it is!


6 reasons to celebrate it

Age-old historic documents show that the origin of turrón can be found in the Arabian Peninsula back in the 11th century. And it was the Arabs themselves who brought a product to Spain and Italy, through the Mediterranean, that we can consider the forerunner of our turrón. 

A few centuries later (specifically, in the 15th century) turrón as we now know it emerged.

Such was its popularity that it obtained great success among the court of Charles V and it became one of the delicacies most sought-after by nobles and royalty at the time.

If we were blindfolded and given a piece of turrón and any other product, we would instantly identify it. The taste of the honey and almond in turrón (both in the turrón of Jijona and the turrón of Alicante), form part of the gastronomic DNA of everywhere around the world. 

And, although it may seem contradictory, the taste is recognisable because it is indescribable. The sensation it leaves in your mouth is difficult to find in any other product due to its soft texture and warmth.

Did you know that turrón is made from between 60% and 70% of almond? This nut is one of the most nutritional around and it has many beneficial health properties. It helps to strengthen bones, hair and skin, it keeps cholesterol at bay and it is very good for the heart.  

Natural honey is another of the ingredients in turrón which makes it a food that provides lots of energy, due to its large supply of sugars (mainly glucose and fructose). It is fantastic for regaining your vitality if you feel a little tired. 

Turrón also has lots of protein (between 13 and 16%) and is a rich source of vitamins A, B and E and mineral salts such as potassium and phosphorus. 

Thanks to all these nutritional properties and health benefits, turrón is considered an essential superfood that should be consumed frequently and in moderation.   


Long before the arrival of 24 December (Christmas Eve) shopping trolleys already begin to be filled with bars of turrón. And not only in Spain, around the world. 

In order to explain why it is consumed around this time of year it is necessary to go back many centuries and look at some myths. Some people state that the cost of producing turrón was very high. Therefore its consumption was reserved for special occasions such as Christmas. 

However, the most logical explanation, which has been maintained over the years, has more to do with the characteristics of its ingredients. The almond harvest takes place between the end of summer and the start of September, therefore, the production of turrón begins around this time and goes on until the end of the year. 

However, there are many ways to consume turrón that are not limited to a few weeks a year. In addition to Christmas, we also consume turrón in summer in the form of ice cream, and we consume turrón in a wide variety of formats, from bars to creams, as well as soluble versions, and snacks.


The authentic, traditional and historic recipe of turrón bears the name of this unique place in the province of Alicante. 

The mixing of almond with egg-white and honey and the cooking in the cauldron known as a “boixet” are some of the secrets behind the traditional Turrón recipe of Jijona, unique worldwide and nobody has been able to beat it in terms of its quality and great flavour. 

The production process is artisanal and has been passed down from generation to generation, over more than 500 sweet years, until the present.

The PGI Regulatory Body of Jijona and Turrón of Alicante is the body that guarantees the quality of ingredients and the production of turrón through its protected geographical indication. 

The Body ensures that the recipe for turrón from Jijona and Alicante follows the ancestral processes for traditional production and is linked to the region. 

Of course, this includes the quantity and quality of the ingredients that the turrón must have for it to be considered authentic turrón with the Jijona and Alicante PGI. 

Turrón forms an essential part of the Mediterranean Diet and as such it is consumed throughout the year.


Present around the world

Download the official document on the exportation of Turrón from the 2020 campaign from the PGI Regulatory Body of Jijona and Turrón of Alicante for more information here.



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